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Vista, CA is a city in North County San Diego, nearby Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido and Encinitas.  Vista is located West of the 15 Freeway and East of the 5 Freeway, which are connected by the 78 Freeway, which cuts through Vista.  Vista has a population of approximately 95,000 people.  For more information about Vista as a city, visit their website.

Vista does not have its own police department.  Instead, the San Diego County Sheriff provides law enforcement services to Vista and the nearby unincorporated regions of North County San Diego, operating the Vista Patrol Station.  Sheriff's deputies and detectives make arrests and investigate crimes, then forward their reports to the San Diego County District Attorney's Office for filing.  The DA is aggressive in their prosecution of all criminal offenses, with a strong emphasis on DUI and Domestic ViolenceDrug crimes, weapon offenses, vandalism, theft crimes, violent crimes, unlicensed driver offenses and more are also common in Vista.  Criminal cases, both misdemeanor and felony, are heard at San Diego County Superior Court's North County Courthouse in Vista.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime in Vista, contact our office now for a Free Consultation with a passionate, aggressive, experienced VISTA CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER.  During your free consultation, you will be able to ask questions about your case, your defenses, as well as discuss your particular concerns about the case.  If you retain our office, you will receive dedicated, experienced representation throughout this difficult time.  We can provide defense during the investigative stage, once charges have been filed and all the way through trial and sentencing.

1.  Jenny is celebrating her 21st birthday with some friends one night in Vista.  Her brother gave her a gram of cocaine for her birthday and she brings it with her out to bars with her friends.  Jenny did not drive, and has a friend who is the designated driver.  Around 12:30, Jenny and two friends go out to her car to do lines of cocaine.  A Sheriff's deputy observes Jenny, visibly intoxicated, walking up to the driver's seat of her car and starting the car to turn the music on.  The officer quickly approaches the vehicle and asks Jenny to step out of the car and perform field sobriety tests.  Jenny has trouble with the tests due to her impairment and choice in footwear.  She is then asked to blow into a breathalyzer and blows a .20.  She is placed under arrest for DUI.  Once at the station, Jenny is searched, and the officer finds the bag of cocaine in her pocket.  Jenny is charged with DUI, and a much more serious felony charge of bringing a controlled substance into a jail (PC 4573.5).  Jenny hires a San Diego Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney to assist with her case.  The lawyer files a motion challenging the search yielding the cocaine, on the grounds that the search incident to arrest was not incident to a lawful arrest because the officer did not witness any driving.  The judge agrees and throws out the evidence and the case is dismissed.

2.  Carlos works at an office in Vista.  After work on Fridays, he and his co-workers go to happy hour at a nearby bar.  He usually has two drinks and drives home, never questioning his ability to drive safely because he does not feel the effects of alcohol.  One Friday, Carlos is pulled over for speeding on his way home.  The officer smells alcohol on Carlos' breath and asks him to step out of the vehicle and perform a series of field sobriety tests.  Eric makes a few minor mistakes, but does pretty well on the test.  Next, Carlos agrees to perform the Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test (a voluntary test!), blowing a .09.  Carlos is arrested for DUI and transported to the Vista Station.  At the station, Carlos blows a .10.  He is charged with DUI, and hires an experienced lawyer to represent him in court.  The lawyer explains that Carlos' recent consumption of alcohol and rising test results suggest that Carlos' BAC was on the rise (i.e. he was still absorbing the alcohol he had consumed) and his BAC could very well have been below .08 at the time of driving.  The chemical tests suggesting that Carlos' BAC was .10 was not performed until over an hour after Carlos was pulled over.  The officer smelled alcohol because Carlos still had alcohol in his stomach that had not made its way into the blood stream.  By waiting to do the chemical tests, the officer ensured that Carlos' BAC would be measured when it is higher.  Carlos takes his case to a jury trial and his attorney is able to convince the jury that the government could not prove Carlos' BAC was above the legal limit at the time of driving.  They find him not guilty and he is acquitted of the charges.

3.  Seth and Julia have been married for two years and live together in an apartment in Vista.  Neither has ever been arrested or any trouble with the law.  One night they get into a heated argument and Julia throws a ceramic plate at the wall and it breaks, prompting a neighbor to call the police.  The police come out and separate Julia and Seth and question them apart.  While questioning Seth, the officer tells him that Julia said he threw the plate at her.  Angry, Seth says that she actually threw the plate at him.  The officers arrest Julia.  Seth bails Julia out of jail, and she hires an attorney.  The attorney writes a letter to a supervisor at the DA's office, asking that the case not be filed.  Attached to the letter are reference letters attesting to Julia's good character and a statement taken by the lawyer's private investigator from Seth, denying that Julia ever hit him or threw a plate at him.  The DA agrees not to file the case. 

4.  Eric, a college student, is at a house party having a good time, when an acquaintance named Gary accused him of hitting on his girlfriend.  Gary then pushed Eric in the chest two times.  Eric attempted to waive off the accusation and physical assault, but Gary would not let up, and continued to attack Eric, grabbing his shirt and continuing to shove him.  Eric then started punching Gary in the face, eventually knocking out two of Gary's teeth.  Although Gary was the initial aggressor, he contacts the police to report being punched by Eric.  Eric is arrested, and later charged with a violation of PC 245(a)(4) - assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.  Eric has previously been arrested for DUI, but has no history of violent offenses.  Eric hires a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney to represent him.  The case goes all the way to trial, where Eric's lawyer asserts a self defense, and persuades the jury that Eric was simply defending himself, and is therefor not guilty.  The jury agreed and found Eric not guilty of the charge.


Facing criminal charges, jail time and arrest can be scary, stressful and can have very serious consequences on your life (including immigration consequences, loss of driver's license, employment, professional licenses and more).  Contact us now for a Free Consultation with a passionate, aggressive, experienced San Diego County Criminal Defense Attorney in Vista, CA.  619-930-9515.  We can help you fight for the best possible outcome.
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