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Pacific Beach Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney
Pacific Beach, San Diego, is located south of La Jolla, north of Mission Beach and Mission Bay, and west of Interstate 5. Pacific Beach was largely known for its young, surfer and college student residents. However, the population is gradually becoming older and more affluent due to the high cost of living. Pacific Beach is known for its nightlife, its boardwalk, and its representation of the iconic “California dream beach town.” While Pacific Beach may be the picture of a California dream, crime statistics from recent years indicate that Pacific Beach has the highest crime rate among the San Diego beach communities. The higher rates are likely due to the fact that Pacific Beach is somewhat of a party town, and it is one of the larger beach communities.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, charged with a crime, or may be under investigation for a crime in Pacific Beach or anywhere else in San Diego county, it is important to have an experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated attorney on your side to fight for you.

Pacific Beach Law Enforcement

Pacific Beach is served by the Northern Division of the San Diego Police Department. This division serves a population of 225,234 people and encompasses 41.3 square miles and 11 neighborhoods. Focused on crime prevention, the Northern Division offers several activities and programs that are designed to maintain close relationships with the communities in which they serve. These activities include neighborhood watch programs, and one day per year called “national night out.” On the first Tuesday of every August, residents are encouraged to spend a couple of hours outside with neighbors and police. Many of the residents participate by holding cookouts, parades and block parties. The department also offers “YANA” checks (You Are Not Alone), where family members can request regular checks on anyone who is elderly or physically challenged and living on their own.

Because officers in Pacific Beach are focused on community outreach and crime prevention, they handle crimes within their community very seriously. If you or someone you know is being charged with any of the crimes listed our Practice Areas page, be sure you are getting competent legal help from an experienced attorney.

Pacific Beach Court
The nearest courthouse to Pacific Beach is the Hall of Justice Courthouse, which is a new facility located on West Broadway in San Diego. This location is occupied by: the Superior Court’s civil independent calendar courts, the small claims business office, the Sheriff’s court services bureau, probation, and the District Attorney’s office

Here are a few basics about just some of the charges in which we have successfully represented clients:

DUI: being charged with DUI can have significant effects on the individual being charged, especially if you have a professional license. DUI cases can be reduced to a simple infraction if you hire a competent and aggressive attorney with experience in DUI cases. DUI cases can be difficult for you to handle without an attorney, because this charge deals with both administrative law and criminal law. Attorneys understand how these areas of law overlap and affect each other. In addition, attorneys are more familiar with plea procedures and how to negotiate with prosecutors. They also understand what types of mitigating factors may work in your favor.  more information

Drug crimes: Drug crimes come with a societal stigma that can affect your career and even your personal life. Many times, those with drug offenses are repeat offenders, which can make negotiations with prosecutors more difficult. However, an experienced attorney can analyze police procedures to identify possible areas where the police obtained evidence in violation of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment. If the police ignore federal or state search and seizure rules, any evidence obtained from the illegal search will be inadmissible. However, without an attorney to identify these points, the evidence may be offered against you without rebuttal. In addition, California’s marijuana laws are still somewhat in their infancy, so there are several points in which an attorney can make policy or statutory interpretation arguments in your favor.  more information

Sex crimes: Sex crimes are often a delicate topic, and like many other crimes, they can have direct effects on virtually all aspects of your life. Registering as a sex offender is a major part of these effects, but the laws in California require registration of offenders that are a danger to the community. An experienced and competent lawyer may argue that your situation is an isolated incident, or that mitigating factors warrant that you no longer need registration. Alternatively, if you have yet to go to trial, a good attorney can help negotiate plea bargains and reduced sentencing.  more information

Traffic tickets: Nearly all California drivers have experience with traffic tickets, and they can be costly and time-consuming depending on the charge. California has cracked down on specific tickets, especially cellphone and red light violations, which tend to be the most expensive. Attorneys who have experience with moving violations can help to prevent points on your record and increases in insurance.  more information


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